Summer move from downtown apartment in Ottawa

Moving in a highly populated city comes with its own unique challenges. Finding parking can be a struggle along narrow roadways. Also, traffic, strict building regulations, and condensed populations add their own complexities. Our client, Sabrina, met some of these challenges during her summer move from her downtown apartment in Ottawa to a new apartment nearby. The our Ottawa movers arrived promptly and on time, but the roads at her pickup location were extremely narrow and congested. It took some time to find the best parking for the job, but one settled things moved pretty quickly and smoothly. The movers worked efficiently to disassemble and wrap the furniture, and then load the truck in a safe and secure manner.disassemble and wrap the furniture

Sabrina’s belongings arrived at the drop off location in perfect condition, with no damages or scratches from the move. The movers took a lot of care in unloading everything into its correct location in the new apartment. They also reassembled the furniture, unwrapping everything, and cleaning up. They were also courteous to the neighbours and made sure to work quietly and professionally, so as not to disturb anyone. 

The movers collected payment prior to unloading the truck as per the company’s policy. Since the client was being charged by the time, it is important to give plenty of time for the client to complete the payment, so to ensure payment delays do not go into her time. The movers slightly overestimated how long the move would take (by 30 minutes). That was no issue, as they processed a refund, which the client received in less than 24 hours. 

Sabrina was very satisfied with her move and thanked her movers, and also took the time to write a positive review of her experience. We look forward to working with Sabrina again in the future! 

Sam and Alex from High Level Movers moved my daughter's possessions from her apartment in downtown Ottawa on August 1, 2022. The team showed up right on time and were very cooperative and flexible as we discussed the best parking option for the truck on a narrow street in Sandy Hill. Once the truck was settled, they worked quickly and efficiently to empty the apartment, carefully securing the load so that it didn't shift en route. All furniture was wrapped to protect it and arrived undamaged. When they unloaded at the new apartment, they placed each item carefully without clunking it on the hardwood floor. The process was fast and quiet, and the neighbours were not disturbed at all. My daughter (25 years old) supervised the move on both ends and was very comfortable working with the guys. Alex and Sam were polite, efficient and respectful throughout.This is very important for a female client. The payment was based on a time estimate and was paid in full before they unloaded. The actual move took 30 minutes less than estimated, and she was then refunded $67.00 within 24 hours. I would highly recommend this company, and especially Alex and Sam. We were very satisfied with their work and would certainly hire them again.
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