High Level Movers in Ottawa

High Level Movers
High Level Movers has been moving clients throughout Canada for over a decade. We began with one truck and a couple of guys, and today have expanded to service all of Canada’s major cities. Our expansion and success is a reflection of a strong work ethic, and a commitment to customer service. We treat each move as a future success story, and strive to make our clients so happy that they recommend our movers and moving services we provide to their friends, family, and strangers. This is why today 90% of our clients are return-customers. The power of word-of-mouth is only made possible when you practice what your preach. We are proud to be the real deal in the moving industry.
High Level Movers
Our Mission
When we established High Level Movers, our goal is to create a moving company that sets the standard for the moving industry. 
Our Values
We listened to what our customers need from their movers. That is why we have created a moving company that is built on these values: 
    • Affordability:  To offer fair prices, that are based on real time the movers spend. Flat rates are calculated on the maximum time your move can take and are never fair for the client. We charge based on time so that you only pay for the actual time your move took. 
    • Accountability:  We guarantee our Ottawa movers will always show up. Many calls we receive are of clients in a panic because their movers did not show. When you book with us, you can trust, we will be there to help you out with your moving needs.
    • Responsibility:  Accidents do happen, and when they do our moving company will take full responsibility. We are licensed, bonded, and work with insurance. If you have any issues with your move, we will listen and we will respond justly.
    • Attention to detail:  Our customer service agents will listen to your specific moving needs. We will document all the details that you expect, and will ensure that your move meets your expectations of our moving services. 
    • Fast service: Our professional team includes movers that are experienced and trained. They arrive to your job with the knowledge and skills required to complete it professional and quickly. 
    • Friendly customer service: Customer service is what makes a business. Our staff will listen to your moving needs, and will assist you with patience, kindness, and positive energy.
    • Cultural Sensitivity: Our moving company is made up of many differently cultures. Our value of inclusivity extends throughout our team, and to our clients. We understand language barriers exist, and will work patiently with you to organize your moving day smoothly. 
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