Each season comes with unique factors that are important to consider when planning your move. Some clients have the flexibility to choose dates with optimal weather conditions, while other people are limited to the time they can move.

 Factors to consider include weather, demand, children’s school curriculums and holiday plans, as well as the distance you plan to move (eg. if you are planning a local move in Ottawa, or require long distance moving services to or from Ottawa).  These components can influence the price of your move, the comfortability, and can even have an effect on the risk of damages. Let’s review the pros and cons to moving at each season:

Long Distance Movers

Moving in the Summer

Without a doubt this is the most popular time of year to move. The warm weather and longer days makes it more comfortable and convenient to move. Also, students may have a summer break, so moving within Ottawa during the summer would not interfere with their curriculum. The demand in the summer is greater than any other season, so availability may be limited and it is important to book in advance. A high demand can drive up prices, so client’s should be prepared to pay more for moving in the summer. Luckily, all summer long, High Level Movers offer special moving prices to make your relocation more affordable during the prime season.  Summer is also the prime time to plan your long distance move, since road conditions are favorable, and there is less risk for damages or delays due to weather. In summary, you should consider these important points if you are planning to hire Ottawa movers this summer:

  • Try to book in advance due to high demand during the Summer months.
  • If you are moving long distances then moving in the summer is ideal.
  • Budget accordingly, since there may be increased prices in the summertime.
  • Trust the best movers in Ottawa to move you for a seamless and successful move.
  • Stay safe, and stay hydrated. Utilize sun protection and protective clothing like a sun hat. Heat waves and smog can pose challenges to vulnerable individuals so please make these considerations and take all necessary precautions.
Moving in Winter

Moving in Winter

Canadian winters are no joke, and moving in the winter can be stressful. There are higher chances of road delays and moving long distances comes with additional risk. Unexpected snowstorms, severe weather, and black ice also make for unanticipated challenges that could negatively affect your move. This is why it is important to trust professional movers with your winter moving services. On a positive note, moving companies tend to have less demand in the winter months, and this makes for greater availability and more affordable moving rates. Always keep in mind the following crucial considerations when planning your move in the winter:

  • Stay safe. Take all weather related precautions, such as salting the walkways, shoveling the snow,  and wearing non-slip footwear. Also make sure you have put on your winter tires before relocating to your new residence.
  • Stay warm and dress for the weather. Professional movers will take all the necessary steps to limit any client discomfort.
  • Research moving companies’ policies around rescheduling your moving date if an unpredictable winter storm hits. Also, monitor weather conditions as your move approaches.
  • Consider moving early in the morning, since days in the winter are shorter, and nightfall comes sooner. Moving in the dark during the winter comes with additional risks.
  • Protect your floors. Inquire with your local movers about their use of floor runners, and consider providing additional floor protection against the slush.
  • If you are moving into a new house, coordinate to have your utilities turned on at least the day before moving, so you do not come into a cold house.
Long distance moving

Moving in Spring & Fall

Moving during the spring and fall are worthwhile. These seasons have less demand, and that means more availability and lower prices. As the weather changes in the spring, there may be more rainfall and water runoff due to snow melting, so clients should plan accordingly.  Road conditions generally improve making it a good time to plan long distance moves.  In the fall, school resumes for many students, and it may be less convenient to move during this time, so many people prefer to move on a weekend. Try to plan in advance and coordinate with your local Ottawa moving company so that you reserve a spot on the day that is most convenient for you and your family. 

When moving in the fall or spring remember to:

  • Schedule your move on an ideal timeframe that does not coincide with school, exams, or important events. 
  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions, including rainy weather in the springtime. A full service moving company will make sure to wrap your belongings in order to protect them from water damage. Consider packing your belongings in plastic bins instead of boxes for added durability and protection.
  • Be prepared for snow in the late fall, especially if you have not yet put on snow tires. Please be safe. 

When planning your move it is important to consider all the seasonal related factors that may help or hinder your moving experience. Local Ottawa moving companies will be able to help you prepare and anticipate any season related occurrences.  High Level Movers in Ottawa is a trusted full service moving company that will move you successfully in any season. Contact us for more information!