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High Level - Movers Ottawa is Trusted Moving Company. Our professional movers are ready to assist you in local and long distance moving. From the moment you inquire with us, we make it our goal to provide you with excellent service, and a wide range of options to address all your moving needs. We move it all, including houses, businesses, and heavy items like piano, gym equipment, and pool tables.

About Us


    Packing Services

    We provide a wide range of packing supplies, as well as pre-set packing supplies packages. Trust our professional packers to work efficiently and safely when handling your belongings.

    Long Distance Moving

    Our long distance movers Ottawa will take care of the vital aspects of moving, such as packing the goods, loading them into the truck, unloading them at the destination.

    Local Moving

    Finding reliable and professional movers can be challenging, especially if you are moving for the first time. At High Level Movers Ottawa goal is to provide the best moving services and transparent prices.

    Residential Moving

    No matter if you live in a single room, an apartment, or a very large house. We offer professional residential Ottawa movers that will make moving your home a breeze and stress-free.

    Last minute moving

    Need to Move in a Hurry? Our professional staff can help, even when time isn't on your side.  We have the trucks and the man power to Your Last-Minute Move.

    Garbage Removal

    If you are in need of garbage removal services in Ottawa, then let us take care of your cleanup. We will dispose of your unwanted furniture, post-move waste, and more.

    Commercial Moving

    One thing is certain – time in the business world moves quickly. It is because of this that we believe in providing professional commercial moving services that can accommodate any request.

    Storage Services

    Our secure storage facility offers units of various sizes, and we can accommodate any occupancy time frame, including overnight storage, monthly terms, or long term storage.

    Full Service Movers

    Moving can be stressful, often involving many factors such as move heavy items, relocating long distances, or requiring additional moving services like packing supplies, and secure units storage.

    High Level Movers Ottawa with over 15 years in business, we have seen it all! Whether you are moving a single item, require manpower services, or are moving an entire house across the country, Our packers and movers can disassemble and assemble any furniture, disconnect computers and audio equipment, also wrap and pack T.V.'s, kitchenware, mirrors etc.

    We guarantee that you will receive motivated, positive and professional movers.

    Moving Services

    Professional Moving services in Ottawa

    Whatever is the volume, type, or place of your move, our proficient relocation solutions will cover up all your requirements. We are the best long distance movers in Ottawa and throughout Canada.


    Hire Two Movers and a Truck starting at $120 per hour!




    Storage units and long distance moving doesn't mean just moving from point A to point B. It also implies special kind of organization.



    When it comes to loading your belongings onto the truck, we know how important is not to damage your belongings.



    If you are moving your home overseas, let us do all the hard work. Avoiding the stress of long distance moving and let us plan the relocation process.

    HIGH LEVEL MOVERS OTTAWA IS THE BEST MOVING AND STORAGE SERVICES When planning your long distance move you may find yourself in a predicament where you need to hold your belongings for an extended period of time. Our company offers the perfect solution for secure 24/7 storage units in Ottawa!







    High Level Movers Ottawa provides 24|7 service at your doorstep.