Last Minute Local Move in Ottawa – Another Happy Client

In today’s fast paced life, last minute moves are becoming more and more common. Everything moves at an accelerated rate when you are living and working in a populated city. Nothing stands still, including the people. Change happens all the time, and it is normal for a person to change phone numbers, jobs, addresses, or even to relocate to a new city.

Moving two bedroom apartment in Ottawa Centertown

Our client, Julie, is a resident in the city of Ottawa. She hired us to move her belongings out of a storage, then to move additional items out of a condo at a second location in Vanier, and to unload everything into her new house in Centretown. Julie requested a team of two our Ottawa movers and a truck.  Her total volume was about the size of a two bedroom apartment. She also had a heavy item, a large freezer, and that had to be taken into the basement of her new home. She suspected that it would be too heavy for two movers, and told us in advance that if we could not manage to get it into the basement then to leave it on the main floor. We explained all the pricing to Julie over the phone, and then sent her an email confirmation of all the prices so she would have full transparency in advance of her move. 

Cheap Movers Ottawa

Fortunately, we are used to last minute moves and have the resources and manpower to accommodate them. It was a nice summer day, and we arrived promptly at the storage unit in Ottawa. We provided Julie with the contract which restated all the charges we had agreed upon. Following that we began to load her things from the storage and into the truck. Loading from a storage is usually fast and easy since everything is situated in one spot, packed up and ready to go. Condo’s can take longer to load since there are other factors to account for, including multiple trips up and down elevators, long hallways, and the distance to the loading dock. In the condo we made sure to wrap all of Julie’s belongings thoroughly to ensure their safety relocation to her new home. We worked quickly and professionally, and were prompt in loading everything into the moving truck.

Once we arrived at the final destination we unloaded the truck and placed all of Julie’s belongings in their respective rooms. The large freezer was the last item left to move. While it was very heavy, our two strong movers handled it with ease. Through good communication and teamwork they were able to bring it to the basement as Julie had wanted! Once all was completed Julie thanked us and left positive feedback in the form of a customer review. We appreciate all client reviews, and had a wonderful experience working for Julie!

Google Reviews - High Level Movers Ottawa
High Level Movers really came through for me. I moved to a new place at the last minute, and they were able to schedule my move without issue. It was a huge relief for me. Maxime and Nader were very quick, efficient and careful with my belongings. They wrapped everything that could get scratched during the move. They were friendly, professional and they even took my freezer downstairs without needing a third person. They explained the price to me before the move and made it easy for me to pay. I would highly recommend this company, and if you can get Maxime and Nader, you'll be very grateful. 5 stars hands down.