Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Movers

Being prepared is great advice for any endeavor. It is especially important to be prepared when planning your residential move. If you are planning to move locally within Ontario, or if you are looking to hire a Ottawa moving company in  for a long distance move, then there are key questions you should ask first. Being organized with a comprehensive list of questions will ensure that you are prepared for your moving date. The right questions will ensure that there are no surprises when the time comes to pay your bill. Oftentimes businesses provide minimal information on pricing and avoid mentioning extra fees that can accumulate with your move. This can feel very misleading and frustrating for clients who plan to move their home according to a specific budget.  

When you hiring a local moving company to move your home, be sure to ask these critical questions: 

Are you licensed and insured?

When hiring a professional moving company it is necessary to ask first and foremost if the moving company is properly licensed and bonded.  As a client you want to be sure you are going with an established business, and that the Ottawa movers you hire will meet a basic level of professional standards. When moving your home it is necessary to know that your belongings are covered by insurance, and what if any stipulations the insurance coverage may include. Professional moving services in Ottawa must meet the basic requirement of being licensed and bonded to be able to offer you the service you are entitled to. 

What extra charges may I expect?

Common areas where clients may run into additional charges with respect to hiring local moving services include stair fees, fuel charges, heavy items, appliances, gym equipment, and special items like pianos and pool tables. Be sure to inquire about any items you have that may fall under one of these categories. Also remember to ask about additional charges for going over the estimated time frame indicated on the moving  quote. Take the time to read over your booking confirmation to go over any fine print or hidden details about fees. When inquiring about methods of accepted payment, ask about any additional transaction fees. You should aim to get an understanding of how you are being charged, and from which points. Some local moving companies charge from when the movers leave their head office. Other companies can add additional transportation fees to reflect that cost. 

Finally, for long distance moves, be sure to provide accurate information as pricing often is calculated by volume, weight, or a list of items. Get all pricing information in writing prior to your moving date. And be sure to ask when payment is required, and what may happen if there are issues or discrepancies in payment. When it comes to paying the bill, being prepared is essential! 

What additional moving services do you offer?

Full service moving companies often offer a large variety of services that may help you during your move. In some instances, clients book movers assuming that they will receive a full service moving experience but did not order any of the additional services they expected to get. For instance, some companies charge extra for assembly and disassembly services. Sometimes, on moving day, clients require additional boxes for their last minute packing, but moving companies usually do not come with packing materials unless they are ordered in advance. Usually, services such as packing, unpacking, cleaning and disposable are available at extra charges, and need to be requested ahead of time. Other additional services that your local moving company may offer for an extra fee include storage services, late night moving, pool table and piano moving services. When hiring the best moving company, be sure to find out about what services are included in your move, and any additional services they offer that may be appropriate for your needs. 

How long have you been in business for? 

A trusted moving company is one that comes with experience. Moving companies that have been around for more than 5 years will have the expertise and knowledge to offer their clients the best moving services.  Another good point of reference is looking at the moving companies’ reviews. This can give the client an idea of what common issues arise with that particular company. The client can also observe how the company responds to negative reviews, or if they take the time to respond at all. 

How do you protect furniture and fragile items?

A critical question to ask your local moving company is what measures they take to wrap and protect furniture, and if there are additional options for added protection. Many moving companies include basic wrapping material for furniture, like shrink wrap and moving blankets. The best movers will automatically wrap all of your belongings without question. Some movers will only do so if the client requests it. Specialized protective wrapping materials like bubble wrap, mattress covers, and protective moving boxes may be available upon request and at additional cost. In addition, be sure to inquire how the movers secure belongings onto the truck.
Do they utilize straps?
Are necessary measures taken to keep the client’s belongings safe during transportation? 

Finally, clients should inquire as to what measures the moving company will take to protect the home’s interior.
Do movers utilize floor runners or shoe-covers automatically, or do they need to be requested? Also, are the movers prepared with the necessary equipment, like dollies, the appropriate sized truck, and the appropriate number of movers for your volume. If you have many heavy items, or are moving a large volume of things, consider if you have hired enough movers to move all the contents safely and efficiently. Using too few movers may end up costing you much more if items are damaged along the way.

When will my belongings be delivered?

If you require long distance moving services, then this is a very important question to ask. Some companies only mention the date your belongings are picked up, but cannot guarantee or even estimate a delivery date. It is not uncommon that some movers may sell your load to a third party without any notice.  You have the right to know what happens to your belongings on a long distance move, and when a delivery date is estimated for. 

If you are moving across Canada in the winter season, then unanticipated weather conditions may delay your move. When inquiring about a long distance moving service be sure you ask the right questions to get a clear and transparent idea of when and how your items will be delivered. 

Being prepared is your best insurance! 

The best moving companies will provide clear estimates, with all prices and additional charges indicated in a transparent manner. They will be able to answer all of your questions, leaving no gray area for potential unexpected surprises. Professional moving services will ask you all the necessary questions they need in order to provide you with an accurate quote. Taking the time to do your research and ask the right questions is critical in being prepared and having your move meet all of your expectations.