Recommendation how to make moving day stress free

The best recommendation we can give to clients that are moving a home or office is to be prepared. Taking the time before your move to properly pack and label boxes will ensure that you are prepared when movers arrive. Being prepared can save the client money and time. It also helps you stay organized. A few months before your room it is also wise to declutter and downsize, this way you have less things to move. 

Clients often ask us how long their move will take. While we can never give an exact time frame, we can guarantee that our Ottawa movers will work as fast as they can.  Being prepared is a great way to ensure that our movers get the job done quickly. Some clients take this a step further by shifting all their belongings and boxes into one area of the house. Our client this week, Julian, took the right steps to get ready for his moving day. Julian hired two and a truck to move his two bedroom apartment. All of his belongings were packed into boxes labeled, and moved into his garage.  When the movers arrived they were able to load in a very fast manner, sincer all of his things were ready to go in the garage. We finished the move at the client’s bungalow nearby. The move was done quickly and without any stress.

Julian is a return client. We are very pleased when clients call us again for their second, third, or fourth moves. It means that they appreciated our service and that we did something right. This was our second time moving Julian and we did not disappoint. He was so pleased with our services that he left us a positive review online.

Thank you Julian, it was great to work for you again. Thank you for your continued support and trusting us with your move!

I've hired these guys twice - and I will hire them again in the future without hesitation. The first time I thought they were pretty good which is why I hired them a second time. The second time they were absolutely phenomenal. I worked with Sam and Alex in Ottawa. They got my move done in just a few hours and were cheery and fun to talk to the whole time. Also the support staff was flexible and let me change move locations on short notice.10/10 would recommend.