How to Keep Moving Costs Low

When it’s time to hire movers and keep moving costs low, being prepared and planning well will help keep you organized and in control of the moving process. Perhaps you are moving your office that requires a large team of Ottawa movers and trucks. Or maybe you are relocating your home across the country, and require long distance moving services in Ottawa. Some people hire movers to move a single item, like moving a piano or moving a pool table. Whatever your reason for hiring a professional moving company in Ottawa, our goal in this guide is to offer you tips on how to keep your moving costs low.

How to Keep Moving Costs Low

Shop Around – How to Keep Moving Costs Low

Prior to scheduling your moving date, be sure to do your research. Compare moving prices from a variety of moving companies. Be prepared to ask the right questions to get a clear understanding of all the extra costs and any hidden fees associated with your move. Let the moving companies know if you have to move heavy items, appliances, gym equipment, or if your move involves flights of stairs. Getting an idea of all the potential costs involved will help you to determine what the potential cost of your move may be. This will allow you to set a budget for your move, and then you can work around it as you plan your move. If the moving company charges by time then always estimate the maximum time your move could take.

The Cheapest Price Vs. The Best Value 

Remember that the cheapest moving quote may not actually turn out to be the cheapest at all.  We recommend looking at moving companies reviews to get an idea of what the business has to offer. Professional movers will take care of your belongings and take steps necessary to prevent damages and respect your budget. A moving quote that seems too good to be true often may be. You don’t want to run into a situation where your movers take your deposit and then never show up. You want to be sure that the people handling your belongings are trained professionals. The cost of damages can potentially end up costing you more than your actual move, so make sure the moving company has insurance coverage.  


Once you’ve hired movers it is time to get belongings organized. Consider that most local moving companies charge by the time your move will take. As a general rule, the less things you have the cheaper the final bill. While many other factors go into determining the final cost of your move, downsizing is a great step to help you reduce costs. Another benefit of downsizing is that you have an opportunity to sell some of your old possessions and make some extra cash.  Other options to downsizing include donating your items, or giving them to friends and family. 

The Best Time To Move

 The date you decide to move may impact the moving rates that you pay. High prices are usually on dates with the greatest demand. The most on demand season is moving in the summer, while winter moves tend to be less expensive. The end of each month always is on demand, since this is usually when leases start/end. Try scheduling your move during the first couple weeks of the month for potentially lower rates. Also, during the week, it is best to move on a weekday, as weekends usually are more busy, which means greater demand, and potentially hire costs. Finally, consider that holidays, evening moves, and very early moves may also come with additional costs.

Packing Materials

The price of packing materials can add up quickly, especially if you are buying everything new. Consider eco-friendly options like reusing old boxes, or try finding free boxes from local grocery stores or nearby offices.  Consider using suitcases, and ask friends if they have any extra bins you can borrow. Also consider searching online for cheaper alternatives for packing supplies.

Packing Materials Packing Materials

Do As Much As You Can!

Another great tip for keeping moving costs low is to do as much as you can prior to the movers arriving. A full-service moving company may suggest service add-ons like packing services, packing supplies, or assembly and reassembly services. These services are very comfortable and convenient for clients, but they will either come at additional charges, or will lengthen the time of your move. If you can do it yourself then that’s the best option to save you money.  Give yourself plenty of time to do all the packing, and see if you or a friend can disassemble furniture. If feasible, then before the movers arrive try moving small items on your own. Also, when the movers begin loading the truck see if you and some friends can assist in the move. All of these tips will help to save you time, and subsequently your money. 

We hope these tips will help you in planning your move and staying within your budget. Call us today for a free moving quote!