Local Move from Downtown Ottawa to Kanata, ON

The client’s for today’s move are newly weds and are expecting their first child. They have decided to upgrade from their current one bedroom condo to a three bedroom house. Their condo is situated in downtown Ottawa, and their home in Kanata, ON.

They chose to buy a dated home, but put in additional funds to renovate it so that it looks like the home of their dreams. They redid the entire kitchen, installed hardwood flooring throughout the house, and also repainted all the walls. They also installed large windows in the master bedroom to overlook their backyard. The clients have asked us to take special care in moving to Kanata into the newly renovated home, so as not to risk damaging any of the home’s newly installed hardwood floors or freshly painted walls. 

Our Ottawa movers have opted to use floor runners throughout the house, along with shoe coverings. Shoe coverings can be a bit of a struggle since they frequently need to be changed (every time we exit then enter the home). We have also taken special care to disassemble all large items, and wrap them thoroughly. Movers have utilized moving blankets along with shrink wrap to protect the furniture and soften the edges of the furniture. The clients also purchased mattress bags for each mattress, which is much more protective than standard shrink wrap. 

Lucky for us, the client chose to move during the summer months, and the weather today is bright and sunny. Our clients were also overly prepared, with everything boxed and labeled, and much of the furniture already disassembled.


The move required two men and a 24 foot truck and was completed in about four hours. There wasn’t a lot of furniture to fill the spacious home, but our clients defined themselves as minimalists who were content with less things. Once the move was complete our clients took the time to leave our movers a great review. We hope they enjoy their first home and wish them best of luck with their expanding family!