Is High Level Movers Operating?

Moving is an essential service, and High Level Movers continues to serve our clients with all their moving needs!

With Coronavirus COVID-19 cases on the rise throughout Canada, High Level Movers wants to reassure our clients that we are taking all the necessary steps and precautions to keep our clients and our movers safe. 

If there are any changes to your move or to policy that impedes us from operating we will contact you by phone, email, and text! We will make every effort to contact you if your move needs to be cancelled or postponed.

What steps are High Level Movers taking to ensure safety?

-We are following best practice guidelines around hand hygiene. We encourage our movers to wash with soap and water frequently, and have equipped all trucks with hand sanitizer.

-Our movers wear gloves and masks when reporting to work, and with every move.

-Thorough sanitation of all frequently touched surfaces, our trucks, equipment, dollies, our storage facility, and our offices.

-We are screening our movers for any symptoms. If movers exhibit and symptoms that are to stay home and quarantine for 2 weeks

-All cash is handled with gloves.

-We encourage social distancing between clients and movers. We ask that clients respect social distancing when movers arrive. Also, we do not let more than 2 mover in the office at a time, and encourage most office contact to take place outside.

If a client needs to postpone or cancel a move due to COVID-19

-You are free to postpone and reschedule your move at anytime! We will be as flexible as possible to support you through this time!

High Level Movers is Hiring!

Since moving is an essential service, there is a demand for workers. Please contact our office to set up an interview over the phone. We will continue to build a strong team that can support its community through this difficult time!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns,


High Level Movers